My inspiration to bring Melodys Song to children stems from working with countless people who lack the support, awareness, guidance and courage needed to “Live their song.” I know had they learned to love themselves and build self-esteem as a child, their path to personal and professional fulfillment would have revealed itself sooner and more easily.


I want to provide children with a source of inspiration to help them find their hidden song within and realize they are capable of achieving all of their dreams, no matter what their circumstances are.


Melody’s Song and City of the Voice Snatchers achieves that, while also teaching the importance of goal setting, economic empowerment, and other life skills, all within a compelling children’s story bursting with color illustrations. The first in a series centered around Melody, a fierce and feisty little girl, this book invites children to join Melody on an adventure to find her true voice, defeat the evil Voice Snatchers, and discover her destiny. 

(Developed by Zohaib Saleem Web)