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Big Surprises In Little Places

My daughter and I went to the store this afternoon. Standing in front of us was a little girl. Her and her father relocated to our city from Flint.

I smiled. She didn’t smile back. Her Father seemed displeased and whispered something in her ear.

Over the next three minutes I observed the little girl standing in front of me, singing. She could not have been more than 5 years old. The Father shared that she went to Northglade. I asked if she liked singing. He said, “Yes.”

Ironically, I was on my way to drop off a few books that were ordered and had told my daughter to bring an extra one. I asked the man, “Is it ok if I give her a book?” He smiled and both of their faces lit up.

As I autographed the inside, it read:

“Never Stop Singing. Don’t Let The Voice Snatchers Steal Your Song.” 

There was so much satisfaction for me in that moment, because that little girl represented a large demographic of little ones that I wrote “Melody’s Song and the City of the Voice Snatchers” for.

The little girl’s entire face changed. She smiled as she recognized someone on the cover who looked just like her. I saw something in her that I recognized very well, “It was called hope.” My job had been done.

Don’t Stop Singing. “Live Your Song.


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