School Visits

Lonna visits and speaks at schools, libraries, conferences, conventions, book stores, book festivals, nonprofits and churches.

Interactive sessions include all audience sizes and she offers programs and workshops for all ages. Lonna’s visits inspire even the most reluctant writers to put pen to paper, enlighten children and adults alike to view the power of unlocking their voice with new eyes, and provide a peek at how books are created from idea to finished product.

Simply email Lonna to chat available dates and to request her author visit kit, which provides details about arranging the perfect event to celebrate and support literacy and the arts.

Events and presentations available can be found below:

Book Launch events
Meet The Author events
Storytelling events

Writing Workshops
Reading Workshops

Each event also includes a wide range of student activities such as:

Student Contests
Computer Lab Activities
Interactive Whiteboard Activities
Listen And Read Activities
Writing Activities

Library Visits

All of the information listed below can be adapted for library visits depending on the age of the children attending. Typically, Lonna’s library visits consist of a half-hour story time and/or presentation with the kids, reading book(s) aloud, answering questions, and signing books.

Preschool & Kindergarten

Includes a half-hour story time, where Lonna reads portions of the book aloud, answers questions, teaches students about the inspiration for one of the book characters, and signs books.

Grades 1-5

For large groups or assemblies, Lonna shows a Power Point presentation including information about her background, what it’s like to work as an author, the process of making a picture book, and if time permits, reads a story aloud and signs books. Questions are always welcome after the presentation. Please note that your library/school will need to provide the necessary equipment for the Power Point presentation (screen, projector, and easel).

Song Demos

Creative cats? Lonna also does art demos, for grades 3 and up, showing kids how to create and write songs. This presentation works best with small groups of students and the following supplies will need to be provided by the school or library: construction/writing paper, pencils, crayons and markers.

Writing Workshops

For teens, adults, and professionals, Lonna offers workshops and presentations on the following topics:
Writing/Illustrating Children’s Picture Books
Illustration in Picture Books
Building Your Own Picture Book Dummy
A Picture Book: From Start to Finish
Song Development
Music Licensing

Additional Offerings

Lonna can speak on a number of subjects, including how to use your voice, speaking up, making a difference, the power of a song, songwriting, bullying, believing in yourself, following your dreams, loving yourself, and can lead an hour-long creative writing workshop for grades 3 through 12 as well as for adults.

Explaining how a picture book is made (showing an editor’s markup of my revisions, sketches, a dummy layout, first proofs, the color proofs pages and how all these lead – finally! to a beautiful book)

A funny and enlightening slide show about my creative process (fully formed ideas don’t just pop into my head)

A class song or mantra, brainstormed and written collectively by students, related to the content of one of my books

A related art or writing lesson extension for teachers to use if they wish.
Sharing my book, answering questions (and linking them to class content)

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